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Star System

We are happy that all of you helped us to reach a first stage of consideration in :

over 1 000 000 stamps online and for sale.

During the first two years of our existence, so called "the baby" period, we learned a lot and we especially thank the ones among you that send us remarks and teachings about "stamps".

There have been constant modifications in pricings, so that we fluently reached a good level for your buying, while the company still can make enough profit in order to expand.

Today, we could downgrade prices on over 250 000 stamps and raise the price slightly for about 50 000. This is thanks to our STAR SYSTEM.

Indeed, catalogues give a reference value which is based on a multitude of parameters, among these not the least the desire of the public to possess that particular stamp. Another one of these many parameters is rarity.

Rarity has always been a powerful motivation for possessing a given collectible. But how to measure rarity in an objective way is extremely difficult.

We therefore applied a system which proved succesful in the shell collectors world: our STAR SYSTEM.

The STAR SYSTEM calculates on the number of stamps - sold and unsold - rarity in the following ways:

We got:

1 - 2 stamps 6 stars
3 - 5 stamps 5 stars
6 - 10 stamps 4 stars
11 - 25 stamps 3 stars
6 - 50 stamps 2 stars
> 50 stamps 1 stars

The STAR SYSTEM keeps track if stamps are mint or used. They have a different rating. Indeed, some stamps may be rare in mint and common in used, or vice-versa.

Today we processed through the company slightly over 500 collections, merely bought at random. It concerns about half of the stamps known in the world. As for your documentation, we keep the sold stamps online. You can use this database at your convenience. Go to:

Of course, the number of stamps online increases every week, and each time that stamps are joined the STAR SYSTEM will become more and more accurate. Remember that rarity is only one of the parameters in price setting of stamps. Our company does not have the knowledge and the tremendous experience of institutions such as Stanley Gibbons to which we mainly refer to for prices. There are many other established institutions such as Scott, Yvert & Tellier, Michel etc... which we occasionally use but as time goes we will get more and more perfect.

We thank all of you, and especially our members, for the constant support, the many orders coming in each day more and more, and invite your suggestions for amelioration of our services.