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Terms And Conditions

1. Price Policy

It may be surprising for some that the minimum price asked for a stamp is 0.25 US $ while many of these stamps are listed lower in official catalogues. We want to refer to Scott 2007 (Vol 2 p. 19A):

"The minimum catalogue value of an individual stamp or set is 20 cents. This represents a portion of the cost incurred by a dealer when he prepares and individual stamp for resale. In many cases, such as the 20-cent minimum value, that price does not cover the labor or other costs involved with stocking it as an individual stamp".

Indeed, in today's world it is already a challenge to stock stamps and sell stamps individually below 0.25 US $ each. Because of our geographic situation in a country with "cheap" labor, we do our best to film and document for you each stamp separately and try hard to keep costs at the minimum. The fact that you can see the very stamp you chose to buy deserves that small premium.

"Cheap" labor does not mean that we do not pay our people decently. We do our best to pay the encoders in Poppe-stamps a better wage than the average Filipino gets for it’s labor. By buying from Poppe-stamps you contribute to the well-being of people in a country where jobs are rare.

While the Philippines have advantages compared to the west, many costs in a company that respects itself, are the same or even higher than in the west. Examples among many are computer materials, software and electricity costs. With "respect", we mean decent working conditions such as safety, air-conditions, clean environment etc…

The more expensive stamps are quoted in general at 50 % of the Stanley Gibbons price, with exceptions. These exceptions are most often expensive stamps that we down-price considerably for quality reasons.

2. Philosophy

The main purpose of the site is to provide a happy environment for shopping and enjoying the beauty of the many stamps from all periods and all countries and all subjects.

Remember that the expensive stamp of today is the bargain of tomorrow. As Bill Gates stated, changes are hardly visible in the three years to come, but after 10 years, one lives in another world. When Elvis in the seventies made his gigantic show Aloha from Hawaii, he announced the public the fortune gathered that evening: 75 000 $. Today this is a moderately beautiful car only. It is great that in this period of humanity, for the price of an average cell phone one gets a lasting stamp collection, while the cell phone will most probably not last 3 years. Seldom has collecting, either it be in stamps, pottery, butterflies or anything else, that cheap. This bargain time is an Eldorado for the spending collector.

We receive occasionally angry emails on our price-settings: indeed, very bad stamps get indeed often the same price setting as very good stamps. We are working on that – see below.

Poppe-stamps is at present an already gigantic shop where everybody interested in stamps can get a glorious time. The final purpose of stamp collecting is to ameliorate one’s life, not to accumulate frustrations. This homepage is an additional tool for you in the enhancement of the quality of life, either you buy or don’t buy. And we are open to any suggestion on how we can make your philatelic moments an even better experience.

3. Online Stock, Partners, Quality, Cancellations, Perforations, Fakes

The stamps in the section "stamps for sale" are the complete stock of Poppe-Stamps. Weekly new stamps are added to the website, an email is send around for notification. All stamps are for sale at the indicated price. The quality of the stamps is shown on the high quality scans on the website. The stock is a mix of mint, used, never hinged and hinged stamps. For stamps from over 25 $ you can ask extra information on quality to or

We do not sell sets, but only individual stamps.

Bidstart is a partner: a selection of stamps offered on this website is also offered on the Bidstart website. When ordering you might encounter a stamp that has been sold on the other website. We will inform you prior invoicing you that a stamp is not available for purchase.

Delcampe is a partner: a selection of stamps offered on this website is also offered on the Delcampe website. When ordering you might encounter a stamp that has been sold on the other website. We will inform you prior invoicing you that a stamp is not available for purchase.

Quality on Poppe-stamps is a topic today on several forums. Our quality varies from very bad to bad to good to very nice and the best possible. The scan allows you to choose among these many different qualities, and for the lover of stamps this should not be a major setback. In many cases, it will give you an idea about the average quality a stamp is found in while "buying at random" and it gives a hint to the rarity of the better quality.

As time goes Poppe-stamps becomes better in quality: already by now (2012) we eliminate thousands of stamps monthly. This has de disadvantage that some rare cancellations, rare perforations and rare watermarks will also disappear from the list. However, on each upload you can search for your beloved selections and shop away these rare cancellations on which we have no knowledge at all – before the stamps are eliminated in the process of quality-amelioration.

Stamps with cancellations that are not “nice”, but which may be the more interesting, or stamps with obvious defects, all go into the category STUDY. It’s a playing ground for MACROPHILISTS and BARGAIN HUNTERS. The system has the advantage that some rare cancellations, rare perforations and rare watermarks do no longer disappear from the list.

Our scanning and uploading is very automatic, it does not keep track of many variants mentioned in more "detailed catalogues", also virtually watermarks are not taken into account. We most often charge the cheapest of the catalogue values in this case and the expert buyer can make bargains there. The same is true for the perforations. In the older stamps you will find multiple variants in the perforations, in general all offered at the same price.

Fake stamps are another topic. In case you purchase a fake stamp and you can demonstrate that this is a fake, we will happily refund your buy and take back the stamp. In some cases we offer the fake at a very reduced price to the experts, which usually happily purchase these. Fakes are interesting, but we do unfortunately not have the expertise to know and see them all.

4. Orders & Discounts

We advise to use the shopping basket to make your order. A minimum order of 10$ is required. Regular customers can make smaller reservations. This feature has to be requested to

After receipt of payment, orders will then be prepared for shipment.

Emails with questions or concerns can be send to or

5. Postage, handling & Delivery

We use DHL Global Mail to send your orders. Your order is send with DHL to the Hong Kong post office where it will enter the mail system. You can track your order online with the registration number we email you.

- Rates are inclusive of shipping and handling.

- For orders starting 500 USD and above, we guarantee FREE SHIPPING by registered airmail.

Effective Dec 1, 2013

0 - 50 grams 4.60
51 to 90 grams 5.73
91 to 150 grams 7.40
151 grams and above Price Upon Request + 3$ Materials and Handling

6. Payment

Payment is required before we send your order.

Please wait for our confirmation email with your invoice and total before initiating payment

Payment option accepted:
- Cash

Send to:
Philippe Poppe
Poppe Stamps Philippines, Inc., Cebu Light Industrial Park
Basak, Lapu-lapu City 6015
- Credit Cards: (only orders US$10 and above)
- Paypal (Paypal email address to send:
- Bank transfer details will be emailed.

Note: We cannot accept paypal payments for stamps originating from Sudan, North Korea, Cuba and Iran.  It is a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy of Paypal.


We do not exchange, but we are interested in buying complete collection. Send your proposals to


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9. Address

Poppe Stamps Philippines, Inc.
Cebu Light Industrial Park
Basak, Lapu-Lapu City
Cebu 6015

Contact: +63 32 495 99 90
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