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Welcome to Poppe-Stamps. Currently you browse over 1,996,996 stamps either by topic or by country. Your searches allow you to find any stamp online quickly and easily. Each stamp is displayed with its proper scan. Weekly we add thousands of new stamps, subscribe or register to our newsletter to receive updates. Learn about the new star system.

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1,996,996 stamps for sale
11,727 sets - series for sale
2,095 links
963 categories
909 countries
283,569 stamps in encyclopedia

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"Only today have I noticed that your site has a section called "My Collection" where I can check on what I have previously ordered from you. I was going crazy when I would shop at your store and find myself confused as to whether I had a particular stamp on order or already purchased. It was really hindering my visit. Having found that section, I am excited to know that the shopping experience will be even better than I have previously found it to be!"
Alden - US


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